Cleator Moor Town Council is a statutory consultee in the planning application process.  In 2015/2016 29 planning applications were reviewed and considered.  Observations and comments were then passed to Copeland Borough Council who is the local authority responsible for planning.


The Town Council provides allotments and garage sites within the town, in a number of locations.  Allotments are mainly situated to the rear of High Street, garage sites are situated at Ennerdale Road, Todholes Road, Prospect Row and Holden Place. There are other garden sites at Todholes Road and Trumpet Terrace.  We maintain a waiting list for those who would like a plot so please do get in touch to complete an application form.

·         GRANTS

Cleator Moor Town Council provides a small allocation of funds to provide grants for the community.  This can be given to community groups and organisations to support community projects and initiatives.  Grants can also be awarded to any charitable body providing a public service, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Grants can be given to individuals representing the area at an event.  A maximum of £50 per person when travelling inside the county, and £100 per person outside of the county.   This funding is confined to those living within the parish boundaries of Cleator Moor.  For more information please contact the Town Council Office.


Cleator Moor Town Council have provided Christmas lights in the town for many years, being responsible for the Christmas trees on the buildings, the crib and the cross street displays in Cleator Moor and Cleator.  At the beginning of 2015, the Town Council received Christmas lights from Copeland Borough Council as an asset transfer.  Cleator Moor Town Council will continue to provide this seasonal display for the town.

·         OPEN SPACES

The Town Council manages the park and play area at Prospect Row, the playing field at Mill Hill and the Big Hill woodland area.  These areas are owned by the Town Council.  The land at Low Wath (Hen Beck) has been maintained by the Town Council since 2013.  It has recently being asset transferred to the Town Council from Copeland Borough Council.

Green spaces at Norbeck Park and the Cleator Recycling area were formerly managed by Copeland Borough Council, but are now cut and maintained by Cleator Moor Town Council.

Shrub beds along the edge of Montreal St and Jacktrees Road play area belong to Copeland Borough Council but are maintained (currently until spring 2017) by Cleator Moor Town Council.


Cleator Moor Town Council provides the hanging baskets in the Town Square.

Members agree to provide planting in the raised flower bed on High Street although responsibility for the area belongs to Copeland Borough Council.

·         OPEN OFFICE

The Town Council provides a town centre office which is usually open on Monday to Thursday between 9.00am and 3.00pm.  Information and signposting to a variety of services can be sought here.


For many years Cleator Moor Town Council have provided free of charge accommodation for Citizens Advice to offer their services, weekly in Cleator Moor.  With budget cuts, this service was reduced to fortnightly.  Cleator Moor Town Council have approved a donation to the Bureau to enable the weekly service to recommence in August 2015.

·         EVENTS

The Town Council is keen to support events in the town, supporting Phoenix Youth Project annually and other events such as the Tour de Moor and events planned by the Town Team.

The Town Council organises the Remembrance Day Service and the Dedication of the Crib Service in partnership with the local clergy.

·         WAR MEMORIAL

The war memorial in the Town Square is maintained by the Town Council.

·         ROLL OF HONOUR

The Roll of Honour was produced by Cleator Moor Town Council with research support of local historian Mr Joseph Ritson.  This document remembers those from Cleator and Cleator Moor who gave their lives in the conflict of war.