2017 September CMTC Minutes

MINUTES OF ORDINARY MEETING OF CLEATOR MOOR TOWN COUNCIL HELD ON TUESDAY 12th SEPTEMBER 2017 At 6.30pm, in CLEATOR MOOR TOWN COUNCIL BUILDING Present Cllr L Adair Cllr N Ford Cllr D Hully Cllr C Moores Cllr R Wood Mrs H Gilmour (Clerk) Also present was Cumbria County Councillor A Lamb. Opening words and welcome were delivered by Councillor Ford. Apologies were received from Town Councillors J Hully, L Jones-Bulman, M Messenger and D Riley, from Copeland Borough Councillor H Branney and Cumbria County Councillor F Morgan. 146/17 To approve and sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Cleator
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