Present Cllr L Adair

Cllr P Burns

Cllr N Ford (Chair)

Cllr D Hully

Cllr J Hully

Cllr L Jones-Bulman

Cllr M Messenger

Cllr C Moores

Cllr D Riley

Cllr R Wood

Mrs H Gilmour (Clerk)

Also present at the meeting were Cumbria County Councillors A Lamb and F Morgan plus Copeland Borough Councillor D Banks, H Branney and Copeland Borough Council officer, J Betteridge. Members of the public in attendance were Mr R Patterson and Mr P McGrath.

Opening words, introductions and welcome were delivered by Councillor Ford.

Apologies have been received from Cleator Moor Town Councillors M Denwood

035/18 To approve and sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Cleator Moor Town Council held on 13th February 2018.

Resolved that the minutes be approved and signed.

036/18 Declarations of Interest, on items of the agenda.

Councillor Messenger declared an interest in Exchange Corner and Phoenix Youth. Councillor Ford declared an interest in Cleator Moor Community Interest Company, Chamber of Trade, Sustrans, West Cumbria Community Forum, West Cumberland Hospital Project Board, Flosh Meadows and Mr R Mulholland.

Councillor Wood declared an interest in Mr R Mulholland. Councillor J Hully declared an interest in planning, Mr Newton, Mr McGrath, Mr Mulholland and Ms Betteridge. Councillor Jones-Bulman declared an interest in planning and Ms J Betteridge. Councillor D Riley declared an interest in Wath Brow Hornets. Councillor Moores declared an interest in Home 2 Work, Works 4 You, Skills 4 You, Cleator Moor Community Interest Company and Exchange Corner NW. Councillor Burns declared an interest in Mr Newton, Mr Patterson and Mr McGrath.

037/18 Applications to the Clerk, for dispensations.

None received.

038/18 To discuss the Bowling Centre with Ms J Betteridge – Copeland Borough Council’s Director of Customer Service.

Ms J Betteridge provided an update on improvements at the Bowling Centre. In partnership with Greenwich Leisure, Copeland Borough Council are considering measures to make the centre more accessible for a greater ranger of activities. It is hoped the centre can work as a proper fitness centre. As part of phase 1, work to provide a small gym, air conditioning and a public address system are planned. Consultation with centre users and the local community has taken place. It was stated that future provision should focus on the needs of the Cleator Moor community.

039/18 To discuss potential improvements to the astro turf at Cleator Moor Bowling Centre – Mr R Patterson

Mr Patterson addressed the meeting to highlight the poor facilities and playing surfaces available for sport people in the town. He informed the meeting that both the Wath Brow Hornets and Cleator Moor Celtic clubs have both been established for more than 100 years and have to take teams out of the town to train and play their matches. The condition of the astro turf pitch is not a suitable pitch to play on. He informed members that grants would be available to replace the pitch from the Football Association, who are giving out £1.5 billion for grass roots football. Mr Patterson stated that the best way CBC could support the community would be to provide a better astro turf pitch. He further informed Ms Betteridge that the gates to the existing pitch was frequently left open allowing access for anyone and there was often dog mess and litter left on the surface.

Mr Paterson further stated that having better facilities would draw more people to the centre both to play and to watch games. He asked the question “is there a means to provide sports people of Cleator Moor with a decent pitch.” All present agreed that something needed to be done.

Mr McGrath contributed that not only was it not acceptable that adequate facilities are not provided in the town, it has an impact on cost and all the volunteers who have to travel out of town to enable games to be played.

Funding options were discussed. Ms Betteridge stated that a project to develop the astro turf could be led jointly by Copeland Borough Council, Greenwich Leisure, Cleator Moor Town Council and partners. It was suggested that a working party could be set up. Ms Betteridge agreed that a working party with partners would be an acceptable way forward. Clerk to supply contact details to Ms Betteridge.

Ms Betteridge left the meeting at the end of this agenda item.

040/18 Public Participation.

Mr P McGrath attended the meeting to request a donation to the Wath Brow Hornets Tour Fund which will support three players attending the Commonwealth Championships representing England. A further player has also been selected to represent England in Serbia later in the year. He thanked the council for support over previous years and asked if the council could provide a contribution to the tour fund.

County Councillor A Lamb advised the meeting of the forthcoming flood forum scheduled for Friday 16th March.

County Councillor F Morgan praised the work of the highway teams who have worked hard over the past week dealing with highway issues and snow problems, sometimes working around the clock. He advised members that Ofsted had issued an “improved” rating for Children’s Services. The allowances for foster carers has increased to encourage more support in this area. The Community Learning Service have also been inspected and a lot of work has gone into this process.

A request for additional street lighting in Birks Road has been considered. It was stated that the supply in that area was at the rear of the properties which would create difficulties. However, there was no possibility of adding extra lighting with the funding that is available. Improvements have been requested to the street markings in Birks Road and that work is to be scheduled shortly.

A question was raised about a pedestrian crossing in the Bowthorn/Whitehaven Road area. Councillor Morgan confirmed that this was being discussed.

A further question was asked about a person who had undertaken all the training to become a foster carer but had been waiting some time for a child to be placed in her care. Councillor Morgan agreed to discuss this issue outside of the meeting with the councillor.

041/18 To review planning applications:

Members reviewed application 04/18/2064/0F1 – New front and side porches, sun room to rear and garden extension at Burton House – Mr and Mrs Pennington. and recorded no objections.

With regard to application 04/18/2069/0R1 – Reserved matters application for the erection of 7 dwellings plus associated infrastructure. Plots 59 to 65 Keekle Meadows – Mr G Reed and application 04/18/2075/0R1 – Application for approval of reserved matters for 16 dwellings including associated infrastructure. Plots 46 to 59, 59a and 60 Keekle Meadows – Mr G Reed, members recorded no objections, but in light of the increasing size of the development, requested that the applicant consider a community contribution.

With regard to application 04/18/2005/001 – Outline application for residential development of up to 140 dwellings on land at Rheda – Mr M and D Walker and Charlton – Genesis Homes, members expressed concern regarding the impact on highway that a development of this size would bring. There were further concerns regarding surface water dispersal and seek assurances that this would not be discharged into Nor Beck. With a development of this size, members request a community contribution be made to support access improvements on the highway, in particular at the junction of Bowthorn Road and Whitehaven Road which will be directly impacted should this application be approved.

With regard to application 04/18/2094/001 – Outline application for the construction of 9 dwellings with associated road access on existing agricultural field adjacent to Church Street. Members resolved to object to this application. Members have concerns that the development of this site will be detrimental to the character of the area, with the open vistas of countryside being lost to the community. There is also the loss of agricultural land. The area is not designated for development in the Local Plan, and the application constitutes urban crawl. Members of the council resist the potential for the joining up of the communities of Cleator and Cleator Moor and developing outwards in this manner increases that possibility.

In respect of the last four applications, members request that planners consider the combined impact of all the developments within Cleator and Cleator Moor and the effect these further developments will have on the highways, schools and health centre. Furthermore, as the population in this area is falling, members questioned who will live in these houses. Members request that a review of the housing needs survey be undertaken, in the light of all the ongoing developments in the area.

042/18 To approve the Town Council meeting schedule for 2018/19.

Resolved that the meeting schedule be approved and displayed in appropriate locations.

043/18 To review correspondence.

The following correspondence was reviewed:


Date Rec’d







Copeland’s New Recycling Service

Circulated to Members



United Utilities

Update on the United Utilities West Cumbria Supplies Project

Circulated to Members




Fletcher Pit investigations

Circulated to Members



CBC – D Ward

Update on Public Realm – Pride of Place

For information



United Utilities

Draft Water Resources Management Plan

Circulated to Members



Jon Raymond

Approval for 2018 running of the St Begs Ultra trail- 27th May

To respond




Monthly Circular

Circulated to Members




  • Full Council agrees budget and new plan for the future
  • Food safety offences cost Carlisle restaurant £6000
  • Correction – Council doubles foster carer fees in drive to recruit more carers in Cumbria
  • Police and Crime Panel confirms appointment of new Chief Constable
  • Snow and freezing temperatures forecast for Cumbria
  • National Apprenticeship Week in Cumbria
  • County Council care home staff pull together during wintery weather
  • Cumbria’s gritters working flat out to keep the county moving
  • Over 94% of pupils offered first choice secondary school for September 2018
  • Selling counterfeit tobacco costs Cleator Moor Man £1000
  • Council adds its voice to demand for increase to Children’s Service funding

For information

044/18 To receive the Clerks report.

  • Clerk highlighted the work that has been carried out over recent weeks with regards to litter problems.
  • Copeland Borough Council Street Cleaning Team have been contacted to address dog mess issues in Kier Hardie Avenue, Buckle Avenue, Birks Road and the footway between St Mary’s and St Patrick’s School. They have also been asked to litter pick in a number of identified areas within the town. A request to tidy the recycling area at the Coop was issued.
  • Copeland Borough Council Parks Department have been contacted to address littering in their parks areas at William Morris Avenue, Jacktrees Road, Buckle Avenue, the gardens on the Square, Bowthorn Road and Phoenix bridge woodland area. The parks manager agreed to pay more attention to these areas.
  • Home have been contacted with a request to litter pick their green spaces at Mill Hill.
  • Sustrans have been contacted to address littering at their area of Phoenix Bridge and the car park.
  • The property manager for Leconfield Industrial Estate has been contacted with a request to remove litter, a sofa and bed frame from the bank leading onto Leconfield Street.
  • A press release has been issued regarding the Town Council’s issuing of dog bags. A further press release has been prepared regarding the Town Council’s work to “Spring Clean” the town.
  • A meeting was held with Caroline Smith of Copeland Bowls Centre, to discuss the activity programme and any developments at the centre.
  • A discussion with Paul Rowe of Phoenix Youth Project regarding Rewards for Action project took place. This led to a meeting with Sian Price (artist) to consider the possibility of working with Phoenix Youth over the summer to paint the wall at the Bighill and plan a design to be painted on it.

045/18 To discuss new Data Protection Regulations.

Following the training session delivered and the mass of information received on this topic, members resolved to form a working party to review the requirements of the new legislation. Councillor Moores, Riley, Ford and D Hully agreed to meet to discuss.

046/18 To discuss the United Utilities Legacy and Tree Funds.

Information on these new funds was circulated by E-mail. Members were now aware of the potential opportunities for funding.

047/18 To approve the amended standing orders and financial regulations.

Resolved to approve and adopt the reviewed Standing Orders and Financial Regulation. In the light of the new General Data Protection Regulations it is likely that Cumbria Association of Local Council’s will be issuing a revised draft Standing Order document in the coming months.

048/18 To consider applications for sponsorship.

Resolved that a grant of £1,500.00 will be issued to Wath Brow Hornets Tour Fund in the new financial year.

The press and public left the meeting at this point.

049/18 To review the lengthsman contract and discuss the ranger initiative.

A review of the work carried out by the lengthsman during 2017 and the type and range of duties undertaken took place. Members felt that the project was working well, and retained the ability to direct resources to particular problems as required. They resolved not to pursue the Ranger Initiative, as outlined by J Carroll at a previous meeting. Approval to use a mini sweeper on the footways in the town has been granted by Cumbria County Council, on condition the contractor had £5 million of public liability insurance. Clerk to investigate.

050/18 To discuss recent communication from Mr R Mulholland.

Members discussed the recent string of e-mail communications from Mr R Mulholland and agreed to provide a council response to his last e-mail dated 1st March 2018. Councillor Ford to issue the letter on behalf of the council.


051/18 To discuss the possibility of installing a dog bin at the junction of Crossings Close and the cycle track.

Resolved to provide this service. Clerk to ask Sustrans permission for placing the bin on the cycleway and to ask for a contribution from Sustrans towards costs.

052/18 Finance:

  • Resolved that the following schedule of accounts be approved and paid.


Voucher Number

Cheque Number


Citizens Advice Bureau




Works 4 You




Property and Landscape




Property and Landscape




Stewart Kenyon




R W Mulholland




H Gilmour




Local Government Pension Scheme




H M Revenue and Customs




C McGee



















  • Members resolved to note the bank reconciliations to the end of February 2018.

053/18 Items for inclusion on the next agenda.

Members agreed to discuss risk assessments, General Data Protection Regulations, review the I.T. provision and web site, consider an art project with Phoenix Youth and discuss an anti-litter campaign. at the next meeting.

054/18 To approve the date of the next meeting

Resolved that the next meeting be scheduled for 10th April 2018.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.

Signed Dated