Present Cllr L Adair

Cllr M Denwood

Cllr N Ford

Cllr D Hully

Cllr J Hully

Cllr L Jones-Bulman

Cllr M Messenger

Cllr D Riley

Cllr R Wood

Mrs H Gilmour (Clerk)

Also present was Cumbria County Councillors A Lamb and F Morgan, Copeland Borough Councillor H Branney, and members of the public Mrs M Chambers, Mrs L Atkinson and Mr P Burns, Mr D Jones and Miss S Morton of Greenwich Leisure and Miss L Starkie of the Whitehaven News.

A sponsorship cheque for £100 was presented to Miss D Stables prior to the start of the meeting.

Opening words and welcome were delivered by Councillor Ford.

Apologies were received from Town Councillor C Moores.

184/17 To approve and sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Cleator Moor Town Council held on 3rd October 2017.

Resolved that the minutes be approved and signed.

185/17 To consider the Co-Option of Mr P Burns to serve Cleator Moor North.

Resolved that Mr Burns be co-opted to Cleator Moor North. The acceptance of office form was duly signed.

186/17 Declarations of Interest, on items of the agenda.

Councillor Denwood declared an interest in Exchange Corner North West, Cleator Caring Moor and Neighbourhood Watch.

Councillor Messenger declared an interest in Exchange Corner North West, Neighbourhood Watch, St Mary’s and Phoenix Youth Project.

Councillor Ford declared an interest in Community Interest Company, Chamber of Trade, Sustrans, WCCF, D J Project Management Solutions, Richard Mulholland and Flosh Meadows.

Councillor J Hully declared an interest in planning, Mrs Chambers, Mrs Atkinson, Regen North East Copeland, St Mary’s, Mr Burns, flower tubs, the Bowling Centre and Mr Farrell.

Councillor Jones-Bulman declared an interest in Blue Skies and flower tubs re-allotments.

Councillor Riley declared an interest in Copeland Borough Council Local Development Framework – Chair and Greenwich Leisure – board member.

Councillor Wood declared an interest in Flosh Meadows planning, St Mary’s and Mr Mulholland.

187/17 Applications to the Clerk, for dispensations.

None received.

188/17 To discuss the Bowling Centre and options as to how Greenwich Leisure intend to promote future events within Cleator Moor.

Mr Jones outlined measure in which Greenwich Leisure intend to promote the Bowling Centre and new activities within the town and through social media. Miss Morton gave details of the fun sessions, spinning, fitness classes and holiday camps that have been delivered from the centre. Obtaining the mats to extend the centres existing uses is crucial for the delivery of new services. Mr Jones aims to increase the usage of the centre by 50% in 12 months.

Mr Jones and Miss Morton left the meeting.

Councillor J Hully left the meeting while discussion regarding the development of 7 dwellings was discussed.

189/17 To discuss the approved in outline application, to build 7 houses next to St Mary’s Grotto with Mrs M Chambers.

Mrs Chambers discussed her concerns for the recently approved planning application to build 7 homes near to the Grotto at St Mary’s. She feels the tranquillity of the area will be destroyed and that to have houses overlooking a scared place is not acceptable. She was concerned about the noise from the planned properties. She further questioned the need for so many new houses in Cleator, the loss of the green fields and was concerned that the extra volume of cars would exacerbate an existing busy road network. Mrs Chambers asked the council to support objections to developments in this area.

Councillor Wood confirmed he had visited the grotto and noted the existing bungalows at the perimeter of the grotto. He highlighted the fact that the application has been approved in outline and the best way forward would be to work with the developer to ensure adequate screening between the new plots and the grotto is installed. Discussion around possible methods to achieve benefits for the community took place. Given the level of public disapproval for this potential new development, the Clerk is instructed to write to Copeland Planner Mr N Hayhurst to suggest the above compromises and to question the number of new housing applications being approved in the Cleator Moor area.

190/17 Public Participation.

Councillor Morgan informed members that the County Council budget consultation was likely to be in the public domain very soon. He confirmed that Highways are looking at new road alignments at Cleator in a bid to reduce speeding vehicles. Speeding enforcement activity has been undertaken at Cleator. There are similar issues at Mill Hill and Keekle area or town. Councillor Morgan noted that surveys are being carried out at Keekle Mews entrance to address flooding problems and the drains will be cleared.

Councillor Lamb advised members that surveys were being carried out with residents in the Red Beck Park area with regard to the ground flooding. The Community Development Team are working to support residents.

Councillor Hully asked if a passport office was to be opening in Carlisle. Councillor Morgan agreed to ask the question.

Councillor Branney commented on the Remembrance Day service which was well attended. He advised members of the Community Interests Company’s plans to extend the information contained in the Roll of Honour. He further confirmed that Copeland Borough Council have continuing communication difficulties and that all Copeland Borough Councillors still did not have any lap tops following the cyber-attack problems.

Councillor Jones-Bulman advised members that Wigton Library had experienced similar anti-social behaviour problems as Cleator Moor Library and were working together to try to resolve issues.

191/17 To review planning applications:

Members reviewed applications and 04/17/2310/0F1 – Erection of four bedroomed dormer bungalow on land at Ehen Hall Gardens – Mr W Messenger and recorded no objections:

With regard to application 04/17/2293/0R1 – Reserved matters for approval of dwelling plot 7, Church St – Mr A Telfer. Members cannot support this application. As previously stated (when outline approval was sought) the site is on existing agricultural land and not listed for development in the local plan. It is outside the settlement boundary for the village. If the application is approved, the character of the area will be altered for ever and the open vistas to the countryside will be lost. Members have concerns regarding the access from this site onto Church Street, and also the access from Church Street onto Main Street. Both areas are restricted in space and access is limited, which is constantly exacerbated by parked vehicles. This is an ongoing problem which is frequently raised from the public and during council meetings.

With regard to application 04/17/2338/0R1 – Reserved matters application for plots 84-94 (11 dwellings) land at Mill Hill – Mr G Reed. The council seek assurances that adequate drainage is provided for this development and would like to understand what preventative measures are planned to address surface water and the potential for flooding from these properties, causing problems on the B5295. Given the increasing size of this development and the increasing demand on services that the new housing will bring, councillors ask what community benefits can be brought forward from the developer as part of the planning approval.

192/17 To approve the Town Council’s response to the Copeland Local Plan Consultation – Issues and Options

Resolved that the draft response be approved and submitted to Copeland Borough Council.

193/17 To discuss speeding vehicles at Main Street, Cleator.

Councillor Morgan commented previously in the meeting regarding this problem.

194/17 To discuss parking and other issues at Prospect Row, Cleator.

Problems with youths kicking footballs at windows has been reported to the police. The parking problems at Prospect Row continue. There are problems with the drains in the road between the front of the common drying ground and Town Council land. This road has been confirmed as un-adopted. Mr K Cosgrove of Highways has estimated the costs to have the road adopted would be a minimum of £70K. Councillors felt this was more than the Town Council could afford.

195/17 To review correspondence.

Members reviewed the following correspondence:

Date Rec’d






Copeland District Minutes for meeting held on 14th September 2017

For information



Copeland Matters

Circulated to members



October Circular

Circulated to members


CCC – H Collins

Details of parking contraventions and tickets issued April to October in Cleator Moor

For information


Lady Chisholm

Confirmed receipt of correspondence regarding West Cumberland Hospital

For information



Consultation update

Circulated to Members



What’s on in Copeland Libraries – November 2017

For information



Notice that the council’s deposit account will now be instant access (not 90 day notice)

For information


White Young Green

Notification that Taylor and Hardy have been acquired by White Young Green and will be fully integrated in the WYG from October 2017

For information



Local Government Boundary Commission consultation

Circulated to Members



CBC Budget Consultation

Circulated to Members



AGM Notice of Meeting 18th November at 10.30am at Carlisle Racecourse

For information


Clerks and Councils Direct

November Magazine

For information



Autumn/Winter Newsletter

For information


Natural England

North West Coastal Access October Update

For information


United Utilities

West Cumbria Supplies October Update

Circulated to Members



Voluntary Car Scheme – Looking for a volunteer coordinator

For information



Proposed naming land adjacent to Cleator Gate – Jacktrees Meadows

No objections



Response to a complaint regarding the installation of Christmas Lights at Cleator

For information



Confirmation of planning approval for residential development at Bowthorn Farm

For information



  • Cumbria Library Service marks 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death
  • Work starts on new care home
  • Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service supports Home Fire Safety Week
  • Council explains new approach to bridge monitoring following closures
  • County Council responds to flooding incidents in Cumbria
  • Council responds to Storm Ophelia
  • Candle Fire Safety Week
  • Figures show more than half of the children awaiting adoption in Cumbria are sibling groups
  • County Council secures £1.67m for Whitehaven highway improvements
  • Awards ceremony celebrates achievements of children in care
  • Foster carers are making a huge difference to the lives of care givers
  • Trading Standards and Fire Service message – Enjoy fireworks and be safe
  • New on-call fire fighters needed in Cumbria
  • Gritters spring into action on chilly bonfire night

For information

196/17 To consider supporting a ranger initiative for Cleator Moor in partnership with Copeland Borough Council.

Clerk to invite Mrs J Carroll or Mrs J Betteridge of Copeland Borough Council to a future meeting to discuss this further.

197/17 To discuss Neighbourhood Planning.

This item to be included on a future agenda when more information is available.

198/17 To discuss town centre regeneration.

No updates at present. Clerk to write to the Mayor for an update on any current proposals.

199/17 To discuss Cleator Moor Market.

No updates at present and still awaiting costs from Copeland Borough Council for the cost of borrowing stalls. A meeting with the markets officer is scheduled for this week.

200/17 To discuss Cleator Moor Library.

Members questioned when the usual library opening hours would be resumed. Councillor Morgan confirmed there were no plans to change at the moment. Councillor Messenger and Denwood discussed the possibility of holding a knit and natter or toddler session in the library. Clerk to supply contact details for Catherine Clark (Cumbria County Council) to discuss this option.

201/17 To receive the Clerks report.

  • A new pest control contractor is being sought to carry out rodent control at the allotment site and land to the rear of Todholes Road.
  • A Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out by an approved contractor. This will need to be repeated in two years unless there are any changes to the building.
  • Photographer David Woodfall has been in contact and would like to meet with councillors later in the week. Date and time to be confirmed.
  • The Longlands Lake had met at the end of October. River bank erosion was discussed and highlighted as a concern. Councillor Morgan is to meet with representatives from the County Council Property Team.
  • Copies of the Copeland Borough Council budget consultation are available.
  • A meeting with the Town Council’s solicitor has taken place to discuss the agreement between the council and Cleator Moor Celtic to use the football field at Cleator.
  • A number of bonfires in the town took place. Clerk has contacted Cleator Moor Celtic to arrange the removal of the remains near the club. The bonfire at Montreal Street is being dealt with by CBC Enforcement. Arrangements have been made to clear the bonfire remains at Prospect Row and lastly Home have contacted the Town Council regarding the bonfire near Mark Thompson Close. They have been advised it is not on Town Council land, but potentially could be on Copeland Borough Council land.
  • A request for a letter of support for the community interest Company to pursue grant funding has been received. Members gave approval. Clerk to write a letter in support.
  • A member of the public has called in the office to raise a number of concerns in the Cleator area, relating to highways, waste and recycling, anti-social behaviour from tenants of rental properties, drug problems, flood problems, public footpath issues. All matters have been reported to the appropriate authority and a response will be provided to the complainant in due course.

202/17 To consider applications for sponsorship.

Resolved, members approved the following grants.

  • Greenwich Leisure for the purpose of purchase mats for Cleator Moor Bowls Centre at a cost of £7,602.00.
  • Great North Air Ambulance – £500.00
  • Cleator Moor Brass – £250.00
  • The Methodist Church -£175.00
  • Royal British Legion – £150.00

203/17 To consider revising the grant application process and form.

Resolved that the wording on the application form for donations to individuals be altered to provide greater flexibility.

204/17 To approve the purchase and installation of a new radiator at a cost of £184.00

Resolved – approval to proceed with a replacement radiator was granted.

205/17 Finance:

  • Resolved the schedule of accounts for November 2017 be approved.
  • Resolved the bank reconciliations up to the end of October 2017 be noted.
  • Resolved that the internal auditors report for period 1st April to 30th September 2017 be noted.

206/17 Items for inclusion on the next agenda.

Mr Mulholland has requested permission to attend the next meeting.

207/17 To approve the date of the next meeting.

Resolved that the meeting be scheduled for 12th December 2017.

The Dedication of the Crib will be held on the same date at 5.00pm

Meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.

Signed Dated