Present Cllr L Adair

Cllr M Denwood

Cllr N Ford

Cllr D Hully

Cllr J Hully

Cllr L Jones-Bulman

Cllr M Messenger

Cllr D Riley

Cllr R Wood

Mrs H Gilmour (Clerk)

Also present was Cumbria County Councillor F Morgan, Copeland Borough Councillor H Branney, Mr P Rowe of Phoenix Youth Project and members of the public Mr R Mulholland, Mr J Youdale and Mr J Cullinan.

Opening words and welcome were delivered by Councillor Ford.

Apologies were received from Town Councillor M Denwood, Copeland Borough Councillor D Banks and County Councillor A Lamb.

208/17 To approve and sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Cleator Moor Town Council held on 14th November 2017.

Resolved that the minutes be approved and signed.

209/17 Declarations of Interest, on items of the agenda.

Councillor Messenger declared an interest in Exchange Corner NW Neighbourhood Watch, Phoenix Youth Project, St Mary’s Church and cemetery. Councillor Ford declared an interest in the Community Interest Company, Chamber of Trade, Sustrans, WCCF, D J Project Management Solutions, Richard Mulholland, Flosh Meadows, Graphskill and Martin Statter. Councillor J Hully declared an interest in planning, Mr Mulholland, Mr Youdale, P Rowe, Copeland Borough Council and the Mayor. Councillor Moores declared an interest in H2W, W4Y, S4Y, Exchange Corner NW and Cleator Moor CIC. Councillor Wood declared an interest in Mr Mulholland. Councillor Burns declared an interest in Mr Youdale and planning – 6 Eskdale Close. Councillor Riley declared an interest in St Mary’s Church and the LDF.

210/17 Applications to the Clerk, for dispensations.

None received.

211/17 To receive an update on Phoenix Youth Project and request support for 2018/19 – Mr P Rowe.

Mr Rowe presented a report on the activities of the youth group. He gave details of Duke of Edinburgh Awards, ASDAN and workshops of a variety of topics that are undertaken by the young people. Members asked if Phoenix Youth would consider laying a wreath at next year’s Remembrance Day service. Funding for the forthcoming year was discussed, with Mr Rowe requesting a donation from the Town Council to aid the continuance of their work. Members agreed to consider the request.

212/17 To receive an update on developments at Flosh Meadows – Planning Application for 19 Self Build Units– Mr R Mulholland.

Mr Mulholland outlined his plans for a development of 19 self-build dwellings at Flosh Meadows. This is in addition to the two applications previously approved by Copeland Borough Council for 21 and 7 dwellings on the adjoining area. Members asked if the self-builders would have the right to design their own dwelling. Mr Mulholland stated yes, within an agreed code and design guide. Mr Mulholland confirmed that he owned another piece of land slightly to the north of the existing application site.

Mr Mulholland stated that when the infra structure works start, the areas will be zoned and completed stage by stage. The land closest to the Grotto will be the last to be developed, subject to marketing. He would not give a guarantee on this point, but that is what he hoped for. Discussion around the concerns of the community regarding these developments took place with Mr Mulholland asking Councillor Riley if he would be willing to be present for discussions with St Mary’s church at forthcoming meetings. Mr Mulholland confirmed that he was asking his solicitor to write into the contracts for sale of plots, an identified timescale to which the building works would need to adhere. The element of affordable housing within the development may be built by Mr Mulholland himself, and will sold at 80% of the market value and will comply with the CBC affordable homes strategy.

213/17 Public Participation.

Mr Youdale representing St Mary’s Church requested the opportunity to discuss and seek the support of the Town Council, for the Church’s views on the future layout application of the already approved application for 7 dwellings on land to the north of Flosh Meadows, immediately adjacent to St Mary’s Grotto, before commenting to Copeland Borough Council.

Mr Youdale confirmed that the Parish’s Grotto Working Party had met with Mr Mulholland at his request. They had assumed that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the layout proposal for the 7 dwellings adjacent to the Grotto, and were surprised to find that Mr Mulholland was seeking written support for a further 19 dwellings. The Grotto Working Party had confirmed that St Mary’s could not give support as their view is the same as the application for the 7 dwellings. They strongly feel that the size and location of the 19 dwelling application will further exacerbate the concerns that the peace, tranquillity and ethos of the Grotto will be lost. The Grotto attracts visitors, religious and non-religious people and enjoys local and national recognition. This is now put at risk. Mr Youdale confirmed that St Mary’s Parish was in the process of objecting to the current outline planning application for 19 dwellings.

For the local community the loss of the greenfield land is irreplaceable. This area is not identified for development in the CBC Site Allocations and Policies Plan 2013-2028 and is only being considered because of the interpretation of National Planning Policy Framework. The application site is identified as potential green gap. This framework refers in the granting of permissions – that applications on land designated as green spaces should benefit from further discussions and any approvals should be consistent with green belt policies, which safeguard the country side, protect against urban sprawl and that established green belt areas should only be altered in exceptional circumstances.

A judgement in the Supreme Court as recently as May 2017 suggests this interpretation when dealing with applications in areas that cannot demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites.

The framework is guidance only, not statutory law.

In relation to the quantity of developments in Cleator, there seems to be a disproportionate number of approved sites, particularly on green areas, compared with other areas.

Mr Youdale asked the Council to request that CBC Planning Department revisit the framework, otherwise there appears to be no limits to the exploitation of green areas in the Borough.

Clerk was instructed to ask for clarification of green space, green gap and green belt.

It was noted that the Town Council’s view has always been to retain the distinct areas of Cleator and Cleator Moor, with a separating distance and are opposed to the loss of green space around those settlements.

Councillor Morgan stated that the County Council budget consultations were now underway. £70 million pounds need to be saved by 2022, and with the previous cuts, £285 million has been taken out of the economy in the last five years. Budget proposals are 90% around the refinancing and extending existing mortgage life. A separate consultation to look at integrated risk management will shortly be underway, which will look at a more integrated way in which the emergency services work together. An E-mail detailing parking enforcement has been sent to the Clerk. Awaiting a report regarding the flooding issues around Red Beck Park.

Councillor Branney discussed protecting the fire service and hoped that the ambulance service would not join with the fire service. He outlined a recent meeting at Copeland Borough Council, where the Mayor admitted he had made mistakes regarding the recruitment of staff. With regards to the current Boundary Commission review, Councillor Branney felt the impact on Cleator Moor would be significant with likely changes in size and representation for the Cleator Moor council area.

214/17 To review planning applications:

Members reviewed the following applications and recorded no objections:

  • 04/17/2403/0F1 – New build two storey office – plot 2 the Old Brewery, Birks – Mr M Statter
  • 04/17/2365/0F1 – Conversion of garage into living room and associated works – 6 Eskdale Close – Mr R Burns.

With regard to application 04/17/2364/0F1 – Removal of condition 14 (expiry date of permission) of planning approval 04/14/2355/0F1 (renewal of permission for continued siting of static caravan for Bardsey Meadow, Jacktrees Road – Mr and Mrs Brace. Members request that the approval to site the caravan in this area remains a temporary approval.

With regards to application 04/17/2391/001 – Outline applications for residential development (19 dwellings) with all matters reserved except access on land to the north of Flosh Meadows – Mr R Mulholland. Members resolved to object to this application on ground previously discussed and instructed the clerk to relay the concerns of the community to Copeland Borough Council.

215/17 To consider the Local Government Boundary Commission’s consultation on the Copeland Council Electoral Review and form a response.

Members discussed the implications of this review and instructed the clerk to collate some commentary for presentation at the next meeting.

216/17 To review correspondence.


Date Rec’d






Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments

Notice of appointment as external auditor

For information



Historic England

Notification of Designation Application – Considering listing the war memorial at St Johns Church

For information



Mr S Lindfoot

Letter outlining ideas for Cleator Mills

For information



Mr D Hurley

Concerns regarding cars being washed away at the Ford

Letter passed to F Morgan for information



Egremont 2 Day

Inviting the council to submit a regular column

Include this topic on the next agenda.



S Sharp

Request for a letter of support to keep guards on the trains

Clerk to write a letter of support.



CBC – Mr R Rudd

CBC Enforcement confirmed developments at Blind Lane Stables without planning permission

For information




Letter of thanks for the donation

For information




Notice of training courses

Circulated to Members



Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen

Response to inquiry regarding maternity services at West Cumberland Hospital

Circulated to Members




What’s on in Copeland Libraries

For information



CCC – A Lamb

Link provided to CCC Budget Consultation

Circulated to Members



Historic England

Notification of Designation Application – Considering listing of war memorial at Main St, Cleator

For information




December/January Circular

Circulated to Members



Great North Air Ambulance

Letter of thanks for the donation

For information



Arlecdon First Responders

Notice of CPR Training 30th January at 2.00pm in Copeland Bowls Centre

For information




  • Campaign Launches to get winter ready
  • Focusing on the future
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Smart success for council’s transport team
  • More needs to be done to keep people safe from electrical fires
  • County Council named as Carer friendly employer
  • Fire and rescue service consultants on 2018/19 Integrated Risk Management Plan Year 3 Action Plan
  • Urgent need for more homestays carers in Cumbria
  • Council responds to cold snap

For information

Item 4 – Councillor Morgan confirmed that additional signage was due to be installed and temporary road closures considered in time of high rainfall and flooding. Clerk to inform Mr Hurley.

217/17 To discuss the response from the Mayor regarding town centre regeneration.

Correspondence from the Mayor was read to the meeting, confirming that a prospective public realm improvement scheme would concentrate on the town square, and a meeting of Copeland Borough Council’s Executive Committee was being held to discuss budget available.

218/17 To discuss Cleator Moor Market.

Copeland Borough Council Market Officer confirmed by e-mail, that it would not be possible to borrow stalls before Christmas. She suggested re-launching the market in March and asked for councillor’s suggestions as to the type of stalls they would like to see on the market. The cost to borrow the stalls was estimated at £50 weekly. Councillors suggested shoes/clothes stall basic provisions in addition to the weekly fruit and vegetables and meat stalls.

219/17 To receive the Clerks report.

  • Councillor Ford, Wood and the Clerk met with Mr Woodfall to discuss a potential photographic/cultural project for Cleator Moor. Mr Woodfall intends to come back to the council with clearer details in the future.
  • The Environment Agency have confirmed that inspector has visited the bank near Kiln Brown and identified works that need completed to prevent flooding and will be carried out in due course.
  • The cross street Christmas lights at Jacktrees Road came down in heavy winds last week causing damage to two vehicles. The vehicle owner has been directed to make contact with the Town Council’s insurance company.
  • Reports of litter on and around Cleator Moor Square have been passed to CBC. This has been occurring a lot of late.
  • Mrs J Betteridge and Mrs J Carrol have not been invited to attend a council meeting as yet, to discuss the ranger initiative. The January meeting already has two speakers so it is intended to provide an invitation to attend the February meeting.

220/17 To consider applications for sponsorship.

Resolved that a grant of £6,000.00 be paid to Phoenix Youth Project and £250.00 to North West Air Ambulance.

221/17 To consider grass cutting and grounds maintenance contracts.

Clerk informed members that Greenlands Grounds Maintenance would no longer in operation. Quotes have been provided by other contractors for grass cutting works at the Bighill, Todholes Road and Ennerdale Road garage site. Members reviewed the costs involved and resolved that this work be undertaken by JD Garden services. An extension of the existing contract with Works 4 You and with Copeland Borough Council was approved.

222/17 To review and consider the recommendations in the Longlands Lake report.

After extensive consideration regarding the asset transfer from Cumbria County Council of Longlands Lake, the group presented a recommendation to the council not to approve the transfer and all the associated liabilities. Members resolved to uphold this recommendation and agreed to write to the County Council stating that an asset transfer would not be possible, but we would support initiatives to retain the area as a public open space and to preserve the fishing rights for the Wath Brow and Ennerdale Anglers.

Photographs of Longlands Lake area during recent flooding were circulated which reinforced this decision.

224/17 Finance:

  • To approve a schedule of accounts for December 2017. Resolved that the schedule of accounts be approved and paid.
  • Resolved to note bank reconciliations up to the end of November 2017.
  • A draft budget for 2018/19 was circulated. This topic is to be included on the next agenda with members being invited to consider projects for the forthcoming year.

225/17 Items for inclusion on the next agenda.

Resolved that the Boundary Review, the 2018/19 budget and Egremont 2 Day be included on the next agenda. It was noted that Home and United Utilities would also be present at the meeting.

226/17 To approve the date of the next meeting

Resolved that the next meeting be scheduled for 9th January 2018.

Meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.

Signed Dated